Materials Testing

Materials Testing

Materials Testing


Chemical resistance of Uretek material
Resistance to ageing

The durability of Uretek material has been subjected to long-term testing at independent laboratories – including the University of Hanover - and by the raw material suppliers who are engaged in ongoing development of polymer resins.

The University of Hanover tests found that the Uretek material performed well under demanding  conditions, demonstrating a minimum life of 30 years at surface levels. Underground, the material is engineered to last in excess of 100 years.

More recent testing for Bechtel Jacobs LLC by the Argonne National Laboratory looked at the ageing effects on polyurethane due to mechanical stresses, heat, moisture, temperature cycling, biodegradation, and radiation exposure. The study and tests concluded that the foam integrity is maintained for more than 1000 years under landfill conditions, and is suitable for use as a void filler.

The longevity of the Uretek resin has also been studied by a 4-year burial test and by accelerated ageing tests, at Delft University and Wageningen University. No significant loss of mechanical properties were observed, no deterioration by bacteria and fungi, and no loss of properties from the 4 years burial test, nor from the accelerated ageing test. 

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